Download PUC Certificate online | Download Pollution Under Control Certificate Online

What is a PUC? | What is the full form of PUC?

If you have a two wheeler or three wheeler vehicle. So you will know what documents you need to operate the vehicle. PUC is an important document in those documents. PUC has a full form, Pollution Under Control.

How much Pollution does your vehicle leave on pollution, it is known only after PUC test. This quantity should be within the quantity prescribed by the government.

If you have lost your Valid PUC Cirtificate somewhere. Or do not worry if you have. You get your Valid PUC Cirtificate in 2-3 minutes on your mobile Or you can Download PUC Certificate online from computer. Let’s see how do PUC Certificate Online Download?

Download PUC Certificate Online Follow Steps

Step 1.

To download PUC Certificate Online Click here

On your mobile or computer screen, a page will open like the interface shown below.

PUC Download Online Interface

Step 2

Enter the registration number of your Vehicle in the places shown below and the last 5 digits of the Chassis Number of the Vehicle at the place mentioned to you. And after that ‘Enter Text shown in the Image’, at this place, the text which you will see below, enter the text you want there. After doing so, click on PUC Details.

PUC Download Online Interface In English

After clicking on PUC Details, you will see Interfac like the image shown below. In which you will see the information of your vehicle. In which you will see the statistics of PUC test and registration time of your vehicle, Catagory, Make, Model, Date of Manufacturing, Fuel Type,.  On one side, a photo of your vehicle’s number plate will also be seen.

PUC Download Online after submit

Step 3

For Download PUC Certificate Online, you have to click on Print as you can see in the image below.

PUC Download Online for print in English

When you click on Print, you will see a PUC Certificate like the image shown below, which you have to make sure that it belongs to your own vehicle.

PUC Download Online after click on print

Step 4.

After making sure all, you have to click on Print once again to Download PUC Certificate Online. As shown below.

PUC Download Online final click for Download in English

Step 5

After clicking Print, something like Download Page / Print Page will open on your screen. If you have printer available then you can dirrect take printout of your PUC Certificate from here. If you do not have a printer, you can save it in your PC or mobile in the PDF Format. Thats printout you can also get it take later.

PUC Download Online final click for Download pdf

After your PUC Certificate Online Download, it will look something like this in the PDF format or on the printed page.

PUC Downloaded pdf copy sample

So friends, you can Download PUC Certificate Online of your Vahicle in an easy way.

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