How to Pay MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill Online

Friends If you are a resident of Maharashtra, and you are a consumer of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company MSEDCL, (MSEB), Mahavitaran. So this article is for you.

You may find out how long queues occur at the MSEB Electricity Billing Center to fill the monthly MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill. MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill payment costs you time and money (in tracking).

Both your time and money are saved, so we are going to tell you in this article how can you do your MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill Payment Online sitting at home in minutes?

Also, we will tell you that if you don’t have the current MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill, how can you see your MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill online? and How to download MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity duplicate bill PDF COPY. So friends read this article in full. Don’t miss a single step.

In today’s day, there are many websites and Android apps for MSEDCL (Great Distribution) to Electricity Bill Payment Online.

But we will teach you to make MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill Payment from the Official Website of MSEDCL (MSEB) Mahavitaran in this article. You receive a receipt on which msedcl (general distribution) electricity bill pay. Which you can download anytime.

What information should you have to make MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill Payment?

You will need two things to make MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill Payment. That you’ll find easily on any electricity Bill you’re new or old.

  1. Consumer Number
  2. Billing Unit

Step 1.

To Pay MSEDCL (MSEB) Electricity Bill Online   Click here

You’ll have The Page Open as described below.

Mahavitaran Bill Payment Page

How to know MSEDCL Consumer Number & BU (Billing Unit Number)?

Step 2.

You need to enter your customer number in Consumer Number. And BU means MSEB Electricity Billing Unit. Which you will find on your new or old MSEDCL (Great Distribution) Electricity Bill as shown below.

After entering Consumer Number, Billing Unit, capcha code will have to be put on the bottom side. And you have to click the Submit button on the right side. After which the interface mentioned below you will be open. You will see something like this as soon as you s

Mahavitran Bill Payment Onlineubmit.

In the AISE interface you will see the options below

  • Consumer No. (Planetary number) – which varies for each customer.
  • BU/Circle Code (MSEB Electricity Billing Unit) – It varies according to each area.
  • Bill Month – The month of which msedcl (general distribution) electricity bill is written.
  • Consumption- Month-Made Total Units
  • Bill Amount – MsedCL of the Month (General Distribution) Electricity Bill Unmount+ (last month’s outstanding if any)
  • Due Date – MSEDCL (General Distribution) Last Date for Filing Electricity Bill
  • View Bill – MSEDCL (Great Distribution) The synonym for viewing the Electricity Bill that you can click to see Bill Online for that month, or download your MSEDCL (General Distribution) Bill ToMate Pdf.

MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill ki Pdf Copy Online Kaise Downloa Kare ?

To view electricity bills or downloaod pdf

  • View Photo – You can see photos of your energy meter by clicking on it. That Meter Reader took while taking Reading.

Meters to view photos of

If you need to see the details of your last 12 months of MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill, you need to click View History as shown below.

The detailFor bill details of last 12 months

s of the MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill for the last 12 months will be open in a table formte before you click on View History. That will be what is shown below.  From where you can view the MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill for any of those 12 months, or in Pdf Formate they can download the MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill.

Bill details of last 12 months (1)

To pay your MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill Online now, you need to click on this Make Payment button

To pay the bill

You will open an interface like the interface shown below as you click on Make Payment.

Interest in paying bills

In which you have to enter your mobile number. and that msedcl (great distribution) electricity bill unmount. She will already appear in Amount to Pay. Means you have as much MSEDCL (great distribution) Electricity Bill.

Please note..

You can also make your MSEDCL (general distribution) Electricity Bill payment by doing this unmount more or less. But one thing to note is that if you reduce the unmount to MSEDCL (general distribution) Electricity Bill, the remaining amount will come through add to your next MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill and if you pay more, that amount will be deducted from your next month‘s MSEDCL (Mahavitaran) Electricity Bill.

You need to click the Pay Now button after you tick the box in front of it.

Once y
ou click the Pay Now button, you’ll have a Pop-Up Window open on your screen to ensure that you’re paying your MSEDCL (Great Distribution) Electricity Bill. And you check the unmount once again. After you’ve read all the information, you can click on the OK button in Pop-Up Wind

Popup Window

MSEDCL (General Distribution) Electricity Bill Pay Karne ke Options.

After clicking the OK button, you will have an interface of Online Bill Payments Options open before you. What is mentioned below will be the same. Which

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Digital Wallets
  • Cash Cards
  • UPI

So many options will be available. You can select that option. In this example we have selected Debit CBill Payment Pageard.

If you also choose Debit Card, you will see an interface like the interface meDebit Card Paymentntioned below.

You need to select the type of debit card you need to select, then click SubmDebit Card Payment Select Bill Junctionit.

After submitting, you will have to open a page where you can make an online payment by entering your debit card details and clicking pay Now.Debit Card Details

Once the payment is successful, you can view and download your MSEDCL Electricity Bill Payment receipt.

And this way you can pay your MSEDCL, Mahavitaran, electricity MSEDCL (general distribution) Electricity Bill in minutes online.

So friends didn’t easy.

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