Vi Postpaid Bill Payment Online (Vodafone & Idea)

Friends This article is for those mobile users. Which was previously used to use Vodafone and Idea’s Postpaid Connection. You will all know that Vodafone and Idea company have become Vi(v) together. Now Vodafone or Idea have to make their Postpaid Bill Payment in one place. 

Friends you can make your Vodafone Idea Vi Postpaid Bill Pay in a very easy way sitting at home. Read this article to find out how he is.

Step 1.

Click Yanha to Make Vi Postpaid Bill Payment Online

After clicking you’ll see the page below.

Step 2.

The place below is your Vodafone or Idea which is now Vi Postpaid. Enter that number.

Step  3.

You need to enter your Vi Postpaid Bill unmount at the location below. If you don’t know your bill unmount, don’t worry. You adopt Step 4.

Step 4.

If you do not know your Vi Postpaid Bill unmount, you should click the location below ‘ Fatch & download your postpaid bill.

Step 5.

An OTP will be sent to your mobile number only when you click on Fatch & download your Vi postpaid bill.

And you’ll have a Pop-Up Window Open to enter OTP that’s like the image below.

Step 6.

Enter the OTP of 4 Digit on your Vi Postpaid mobile nambar in the Pop-Up Window described below. And click on the Confirm button.

Step 7.

Some of the pages shown below will open in front of you as you click the Confirm button. In which you will see your bill unmount and the full Vi Postpaid Bill details of the previous month. How to Download Vi Postpaid Bill If you want to downlaod your bill pdf format, click Download Bill at the top right in bill details. And if you want to pay without downloading your bill, follow Step 8.

Step 8.

Once you click on Download Bill, you’ll be downloading your last month’s Vi Postpaid Bill in some of the pdf formats below. That you can also remove Print Out.

Step 9

Check out the image in Step 7 to pay your Vi Postpaid Bill Online. Click the Red Pay Now button. After clicking you will have the image below as the Payment Gateway Page Open

Options for Vi Postpaid Bill Online Pay

  • credit /debit card
  • netbanking
  • UPI
  • wallets

In these ways, you can pay your own Vi Post paid Bill Online Pay. You can use what you feel is right.


Step 10

After Successful Transaction, the page below will be open in front of you. Meaning you have made your Vi Postpaid Bill Successfully Online Pay.

On this page you will see download receipt an Option on the left, clicking on your screen Online Payment Receipt Download

Will be like the image mentioned below.

Below is the Online Payment Receipt Download shown

This is how you can pay your Vi Post paid Bill Online Pay.

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